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the project...

year 1: 2012-2013

On September 2012, four schools were awarded and got a grant to carry out an international Comenius Project. This is a partnership with schools in Belgium, Finland, Germany and Italy.

"European baking, let's get together""

is a partnership meant to develop a sense of self-identity through getting to know our European partners alongside learning about our own cultures and customs. We plan to achieve this through the thematic topics of 'bread' and'baking goods'. All recipes/activities will be shared with our partners. To support this and promote the MFL (modern foreign language) acquisicion and ICT development, a common dictionary illustrating these topics will be produced on a common website. With the project, didactic, specialized and social aims will be aspired. The participating pupils will deepen their knowledge about cultivation, production and the use of different European types of grain. We will produce posters on movable walls, a common website with PPPs, video clips, a common recipe book and a common dictionary.

What is the importance of Comenius for Europe?

Comenius quoted:

“We are all citizens of one world. To hate a man, because he was born somewhere else, because he speaks another language, because he thinks different of things, because he knows less or more than you know, what a misconception! We are all people and therefore not perfect. We all need help. Nobody is without obligations towards others.”

This proves that Comenius, already in the seventeenth century, aimed at good relations and mutual understanding between peoples and nations inside and outside Europe.





year 2: 2013-2014


Children will

- produce a common Comeniussong: let's get together, let's bake bread together

- make a recipe book. See result HERE

- communicate about the progress with pictures (see different blogs here)

-bake as much as possible of the own country and the partners

-make pictures (to make recipe book)

-keep in contact by sending to each other small presents : drawings – cards - posters – handcrafts stuff – pictures – cookies -…




the partners...

Vrije basisschool Sint-Dimpna

Kirkonkylän Koulu

Friedrich - Staedtler - Schule

Istituto Comprensivo Anzio I